Client Testimonials

“Rick and I want to thank you for your help in finding and buying our apartment.  You were a wonderful resource in every way.  And I suspect that you treated us in the same way that you treat Hollywood icons, just for example, or Wall Street tycoons.  We appreciate everything you have done for us.” – E. and R. Kitsis

“Simply put – my wife and I owe the sale of our SoHo Townhouse to Stan Ponte.

Being represented by several well established brokerages and agents, for several years, our  4-story, fully renovated, 2-family residence did not draw much interest at our price point, especially in the years before and after 9/11.

Close friends, in the residential Real Estate business, recommended Stan to my family as “The  Go To Guy”  for ‘difficult to sell’ properties.

We found Stan to be sensitive to his client’s individual needs, hopes and fears, while remaining exquisetely attuned to the volatilities of the market.

His business manner and procedures were consistent and restrained, even in the face of difficult tenants.  His advice was clear, accurate and often counter-intuitive.

His personal presentation was aggressive and to the point : the sale of our home in the shortest period of time and at the best possible price.

His knowledge, confidence and perserverance and his ability to work seamlesslessly with our Attorney, the buyer and his representative, exceeded our hopes and expectations.

We would recommend Stan Ponte, without reservations” – B. and J. Berger

“I met Stan when he represented the seller of the home I purchased. He made such an impression on me that I went to him when it was time to move on! Stan knows the market, is a knowledgeable and thorough professional, and puts his clients first. We have stayed in touch ever since. Getting to know Stan was a wonderful bonus to selling my home!” – K. Kinsella

“Stan, for many years brought us a succession of tenants for our rental apartments. They were always excellent tenants, reliable, responsible and friendly who made it a pleasure to share our home with them.   When it came time to sell, Stan found us the perfect buyers in a short time. We are pleased to know that we sold our house to people who would continue to make it an exemplary house on the block.” – K. Leedom

“After working with real estate brokers in more than 6 states, we can confidently say that Stan Ponte and his team are the best.  Professional, informed, responsive and actually fun to work even during stressful times.” – J. Mitchell

“I can’t count the number of real-estate deals I’ve made with Stan Ponte. Stan keeps the tenor of “the deal” realistic, calm, while being extremely successful 100% of the time. If you’re a buyer or a seller who’s willing to listen to the truth, and put your trust in the hands of a proven professional then I highly recommend you meet with Stan Ponte.” – B. Heyman